Hope On Hope 


It’s A Good Day Today 

It’s a good day today.

The sky is clear,

not a thick moving blanket of sombre greys and dark hues.

Just a still. Soft. White. Sky. 
It’s a good day today.

The ocean is calm,

not a sunrise-gold beach with lapping paroxysms of gurgling waves.

Just a sea of waters resting in the afternoon glow.
It’s a good day today.

For in a moment, 

the world stood still

in reverence to the glory 

of a beautifully sculpted face 

as it stares deep into tomorrow 

in appreciation of a blissful today.
A today, forged from the blazing fire of a painful yesterday.

A today, birthed from the desperate groanings of many yesterdays.

A today, now bearing a face

magnificent in the brilliance of its blackness.
Having risen above the odds,

soaring in strength

in grace

in hope

in faith.
It’s a good today. 

Just look at the waves,

gently crawling ashore 

in obeyance to the presence 

of royalty. 

A god. 
– Tunray Femi